Payroll Services in Jordan from Adel Habib & Co. ​

Saves your time, protects you against tax penalties, and reduces your cost.

Payroll Services

What is it?

A professional payroll services provider includes calculating all payroll elements: basic salary, allowances, employee income tax, and social security.

Processing in-house payroll for all businesses can be a hassle; it can also be both a challenging and time-consuming routine.

Many of our clients have found sense in outsourcing the job and make use of our extensive experience and global knowledge with compliance work supported by AGN International and other international bodies.

What have we got for you?

More specifically, our payroll services include:

What is it going to do for you?

In our experience, the top 3 benefits of outsourcing payroll services are saving time and money, protecting against tax penalties, and reducing costs.

Who we are?

Adel Habib & Co. has several agreements with international payroll services providers to expand its payroll services networks providing International assignment management, global payments, and payroll services to corporations and organizations.

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