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Financial Statement Audit Services

More than 80 years of building strong trust-based relationships, providing confidence to the reported financial position and performance of your business, not just for you, but also for your business partners, banks, and the public.

What is an Audit of a company?

financial statement audit is the examination of an entity’s financial statements and accompanying disclosures by an independent auditor. The result of this examination is a report by the auditor, attesting to the fairness of presentation of the financial statements and related disclosures.

Why is an Audit important for business?

We at Adel Habib & Co. believe that an independent audit of financial statements lies at the heart of effective operations.

That is because we focus on a combination of a balanced “Risk-Based Approach” and “System-Based Approach” which enables us to develop a deeper understanding of your business, the industry that you work in, and the risks your company face, the strategies management use to control these risks.

Our responsibility during the audit will determine adherence to generally accepted accounting principles, management policies and stated requirements and it will also help provide reasonable assurance that boards and management “fairly and accurately” present the information in your financial statements, in a way that shareholders can understand.

Financial Statements offer a window into the health of a company. Download this guide and learn all the best tips you will need to Read and Understand your Company’s Financial Statements.

What it’s going to do for you?

But that’s not all what you get from an auditory; having Adel Habib & Co. audit your financial statements will result in identification of recommendations on areas where management can improve their control processes & procedures, with a special focus on your approach to accounting practices, fraud risks, & financial management.

Our recommendations will be frank and forthright, add value to your work, thus, enhancing the reliability and confidence of information in the financial statements to investors, creditors, and other interested parties.

We conduct our audit in accordance with international standards. The list of audit services that we offer include:

Who we are?

Adel Habib & Co. professionals can advise you whether you are a public, private, charity, for-profit, or not-for-profit entity. We have been providing auditing services to businesses in Jordan since 1943, and we have been the AGN International member firm in Jordan since 2001.

Our professionals are active within leading professional associations including, the Jordanian Association of Certified Public Accountants, where we are a member of the JACPA team peer review and quality control committee. The AGN International board of directors and the AICPA.

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