Auditing, Accounting & Payroll, Tax & Advisory.​

Adel Habib & Co. has been providing professional services to businesses in Jordan since 1943,
and has been the AGN International member firm in Jordan since 2001.
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About Us

Founded in 1943, we are a leading auditaccountingpayrolltax, and business advisory firm, based in Amman-Jordan, with international and cross-border capabilities.

During the 80 life of  Adel Habib and Co., our main approach to business has been the creation of long-term relationships with our clients. By understanding our clients’ needs and delivering a consistently high-quality value-added audit, accounting, tax, and business advisory services, has resulted in a strong, trust-based client partnership. We are extremely proud of the fact that we have been active in helping a substantial number of our high profile clients achieve their goals continuously for over 56 years.

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All our professionals are highly experienced and can advise you whether you are a public, private, charity, for-profit or not-for-profit entity. We have been providing auditing, accountancy, taxation and business advisory services to businesses and individuals since 1943, and we have been the AGN International member firm in Jordan since 2001.

Our partners continue to commit to excellence by having direct and deep knowledge with the strategic aspects of all client engagements. Through regular communication with team members, they will ensure that the team delivers value-added services and solutions, customized to your particular needs whether you are looking for accounting servicesan auditcorporate tax advice, VAT, and income tax compliance, payroll, internal auditstartup services 

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Since 2001, Adel Habib & Co. is a full member of AGN International Ltd – a leading international association of accounting and consulting firms based in London-England, which currently:


Being part of Agn International gives Adel Habib & Co. direct access to practical business advice throughout the world; within a structure of strong trust-based relationships with dynamic reputable CPA and professional advisory firms’ worldwide, we can deliver high standards comprehensive services to meet all your domestic and international needs.