Audit Partner - Adel Habib (Akel), CPA

Adel Habib (Akel) is a Jordanian Certified Public Accountant since 1997 and the Managing Partner at Adel Habib & Co since 2010.
Adel is the third-generation member of the family-run CPA business, Adel Habib & Co.
Meet Adel!

Adel Habib - Managing Partner

Adel Habib is the managing partner of Adel Habib & Co. and a member of the AGN International Board of Directors and has served as the past Chairman of the AGN West Asia and Africa region.

Adel became the third-generation member of the family-run business Adel Habib & Co. in 1993.

He is a certified public accountant in Jordan and a master trainer. Over the years, Adel has served on multiple audit committees and currently serves as the Chair of the Audit Committee for Invest Bank Jordan.


Adel has over 31 years of professional experience with Adel Habib & Co., providing audit, assurance, and business advisory services to some of the largest public, private, and not-for-profit organizations, serving in various industries and for a wide range of local and international clients. Following his father’s footsteps and delivering a consistently high-quality value-added assurance and business advisory service has resulted in a strong client partnerships. 

The firm has served numerous clients, including FedEx Jordan and Iraq {Global courier delivery service company}, British Airways, Air Arabia, Delta Airline {Air Travel and transport services}, The Royal Health Awareness Society, The Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network, Islamic Relief, Danish Refugee Council, World Relief Germany, Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan{National & International NGO}, Centro, Karam Beirut, Casper & Gambibis Restaurants,{Restaurant Industry} and many more. He also has extensive experience in auditing humanitarian financings such as UNDP, UNHCR, and EU projects in Jordan.

 He became the managing partner in 2010 and is currently responsible for leading the firm’s business and people. His duties include audit, tax, payroll, due diligence, internal audit, accounting management, business performance, valuation, and more.


Adel enrolled in the esteemed De la Salle Frère School and graduated with academic honors in 1987. After high school, he enrolled at the University of Jordan graduating with a degree in accounting and economics. He is a Jordanian Certified Public Accountant since 1997.