Team & Partners

Ghazi Habib

It was during 1971 that Ghazi Akel the second generation took over Adel Habib & Co., leading with great success as Adel Habib & Co. became one of the most distinguished names in Jordan’s CPA firms.


His main approach to business has been the creation of long-term relationships with our clients. By understanding clients’ needs and delivering a consistently high-quality value-added assurance and business advisory service has resulted in strong client partnership. Adel Habib & Co. has been serving a substantial number of its clients, in various sectors, continuously for more than 60 years including NCR Corporation {information & telecommunication}, Arab forwarding company {goods transit & clearing}, Kettaneh Jordan {construction & home appliances}, INIMEX {personal care, cosmetics & baby supplies Huggies} Baalbki Company {restaurant equipment’s and appliances} Mais Irrigation Company {irrigation}, Aquamarina Hotel Aqaba {hospitality industry} and many more.

Ghazi now is the business advisor of the company; he continues to commit to excellence by having direct and deep knowledge with the strategic aspects of all client engagements.


Ghazi holds his bachelor degree of accounting from the University of Cairo. He is a prominent member of the JACPA. His industry specialties vary as he has served NGO’S, Manufacturing, Government, Hotels, and Engineering entities.