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AGN World Congress - Bangkok 2017

Our 2017 World Congress in Bangkok, Thailand was well attended by members from around the world. A riverboat cruise, an up-close look at Thai culture and cuisine and tours of beautiful Thai temples were all part of the action-packed World Congress 2017. The theme of the meeting, “Doing Business in the Asia Pacific Region,” brought speakers and panelists with insider tips that all participants will be able to use with their own clients and investments.

Many interesting presentations were included on the Congress theme of ‘Investing in Asia Pacific Region’ including

  • The Chinese ‘One Belt one Road’ project
  • local entrepreneur experiences in building successful businesses in the Region
  • Fiducia brought in a panel of three European entrepreneurs doing business in Asia, who offered insightful comments and lessons learned
  • Tax efficient structures for non-Asian entities and economic insights into the FDI as well as economic prospects in the Region.
  • Liam McQuaid, provided the attached summary on Foreign Direct Investment in the Asia Pacific Region. Click on the Read More
  • A session focused on the change of leadership from Liam McQuaid to Alberto Adaminas,
  • And a very popular Thai speaker talked about lessons from the long-lived Thai people. He left us with “Fish+yoga+meditation+fun = mental fitness+longevity.”

Click this link to see photos of the event.