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Anniversary Message

2013 marks the 70th anniversary of the foundation of Adel Habib & Co. For over 70 years Adel Habib & Co. has been the epitome of Audit, Assurance and Business Advisory Services - A byword for outstanding quality and personalized services. Our Professionals who answered all the challenges posed by the continuing changing economics with spectacular performance made the success story appreciated by our clients to this day. 

Firm History

Our founder Adel Habib Akel, born in Nazareth in 1911, Adel Habib Akel graduated from Sorbonne in 1935.

During a period of three years Mr. Adel Habib Akel worked as a secondary teacher in Haifa.

In 1943 Mr. Habib established Adel Habib & Co. in Amman (Jordan) with branches in Zarka and Irbid (Major cities in Jordan).

In 1963 another branch was established in Beirut. The Lebanese branch was practiced till 1975 but was closed as a result of the political troubles that took place during that year. And throughout the years Mr. Habib was able to provide the best service that increased profitability to his clients and enhanced their management processes in the market. The story of success didn't stop after his passing away..

In 1971 Mr. Ghazi Adel Habib Akel his son was the continuation of the success story. He kept his father footsteps and developed the company in every way.

In 1993 Adel Ghazi Habib Akel joined Adel habib & Co. as a managing partner along with his father.

Both are working to provide quality and personalized services and solutions through objectivity, excellence, integration and honesty.

Today, Adel Habib & Co. comprises of the best expertise to better serve its clients.